Kailey Claggett, LPC Intern

Kailey Claggett, MA, LPC-Intern is a mental health counselor at the Corvallis Strong IBH site. She offers a safe place for adults to process the loss that comes with different seasons of life. While Kailey specializes in grief and loss counseling, she also has experience with trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and relational issues. Kailey approaches treatment with the goal of empowering her clients by working collaboratively to explore clients’ holistic lives and past experiences in order to gain meaningful insight, ultimately leading to lasting change.

Kailey’s style is encouraging and warm; she considers clients’ relational dynamics and thought patterns and gently offers honest feedback. Kailey works from a brief psychodynamic framework and can offer services spanning from a few sessions to many depending on each client’s specific needs. Kailey’s aim is to build a strong trusting relationship with clients, where they are unconditionally esteemed, supported, and understood, so that they feel safe to process all aspects of their lives and experience healing from relational trauma.

Kailey completed a year of clinical internship working at both the Salem Free Counseling Clinic and Corban University’s Student Counseling Center, and graduated in 2018 with a Masters in clinical mental health counseling from Corban University. Kailey currently works as a professional counselor and is working toward Oregon licensure.