Directions to Strong Integrated Behavioral Health

Directions to Strong Integrated Behavioral Health

66 Club Road Suite 120, 66 Club Road Suite 200 and 44 Club Road Suite 200

From Downtown Eugene:

Take the Ferry Street Bridge and turn right onto Martin Luther King Blvd. exit-sign also reads “Autzen Stadium.” Stay to the right as you approach the stoplight, and turn right at the yield sign. You will pass the entrance to Alton Baker Park on the left and continue to circle around to the right, going under the bridge. Turn left into the same driveway as the Northbank McMenamin’s Restaurant.

From Springfield:

Drive I-105 west and take the Coburg Road exit (exit #2) to the right. At the light at the intersection with Coburg Road, look across this intersection and see the sign for Southwood Lane slightly to the left (sign also reads “to Autzen Stadium”). Southwood is the street between Coburg Road and Oakway and is also the road to take to get on the I-105 to Valley River Center. Take Southwood Lane to the end, where there is a stoplight. Turn left at the light and after one short block there will be another stoplight, you are now on Club Road. Proceed through this intersection and take the first driveway on the right into the Northbank McMenamin’s Restaurant. Drive past the restaurant to our building on the left hand side.

From I-105 East:

Take the Coburg Road Exit (exit #2). This exit also reads “Autzen Stadium”. At the stoplight turn right onto Club Road. Take the first right into the Northbank McMenamin’s Restaurant driveway.

From Coburg Road:

Driving South on Coburg Road, proceed to the intersection of Coburg and Oakway. Take Southwood Lane, which is slightly to the right at this intersection. The sign will also say “to Autzen Stadium.” Don’t make the hard right here, this would be Oakway Rd. Take Southwood to the end, turn left at the stoplight. Go forward through this intersection (you are now on Club Road). Take the first right into the Northbank McMenamin’s Restaurant driveway.

Google Maps does not recognize Club Road as a street in Eugene, if you are using google maps use the McMenamin’s Northbank Restaurant as the destination. Map Quest does recognize Club Road so you can use the address.