Anastasia Adams, Intern, Supervisor Teri Strong, PhD

I have experience working with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, and I have always been passionate about working with individuals carrying the burden of traumas from their past. I completed my internship at Lane Community College providing clinical mental health counseling, career counseling, and academic retention counseling to students suffering from a variety of issues. 
Areas of practice: I recently completed a certification in eating disorder intuitive therapy (EDIT), and I am passionate about working with individuals struggling with disordered eating and healing the traumas that influenced these unhealthy eating behaviors. I also enjoy working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma disorders such as PTSD, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and relationship issues. I am beginning training in eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), which I can incorporate into sessions as well. 
Treatment philosophy/approach: I believe in working collaboratively with clients, empowering them in their journey towards growth and healing. I approach counseling from an attachment and trauma-informed lens and draw from person-centered therapy, attachment theory, internal family systems, and emotionally focused therapy. Below lists the ages of clients I treated at Lane Community College. I have worked with children in the past for my Bachelors Degree, but it was not a counseling relationship. I also would like to work with adolescents with eating disorders, but I have not yet.