AJ Millet, PhD, Psychologist

AJ Millet, Ph.D., graduated with his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology, after completing a clinical internship at Oregon State University.

Dr. Millet's clinical work is focused on adult (18+) individual therapy and couples therapy. He works as a psychologist resident within Strong Integrated Behavioral Health. Dr. Millet works from a client-centered, interpersonal framework, working to understand the client's worldview from a holistic, multiculturally adapted perspective. He brings experience from multiple university counseling centers and various private practice settings.

Dr. Millet provides support for clients dealing with interpersonal concerns such as relationship conflict, relationship transitions, or family of origin concerns as well as personal distress, including self-image concerns, anxiety, depression, difficulties managing emotions, or trauma. When working with addictive/compulsive behaviors, he works from a harm-reduction model and is supportive of clients interested in working towards abstinence. Dr. Millet has additional training with OCD, religious/faith transitions, and LGBTQ concerns.