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Janette Stringer, LCSW

Janette is a licensed clinical social worker, an Adjunct Professor at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), and a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Fielding Graduate University. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology from OIT and a Master's of Social Work from Portland State University. She has been trained in behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic therapies and practices a patient led, integrative, approach.
Janette has provided individual, family, and group therapy for hearing impaired individuals and those with disabilities; elementary, middle school, high school, and college students; veterans and military families; and hospice and cancer patients and their families and support systems from the ages of four to 108.

Janette's experience includes work in leadership, teaching, mentorship, psychotherapy, crisis counseling, end of life counseling, and supportive services delivery within public school systems and universities, medical clinics, hospice agencies, cancer treatment centers, and mental health agencies. Her clinical work focuses on addressing advanced and terminal illness; stress and anxiety disorders, including posttraumatic stress disorder; transgender issues; grief and loss/adjustment issues; depression; and veterans and military families.

Janette has volunteered her time as a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raiser, trainer, and group leader, a Cub Scout leader, a TRIO tutor for college students with disabilities (in all Psychology and Communication classes, Speech 111 and 327, Writing 121-327, and Statistics 243 and 361), and a volleyball and basketball coach for young women in NC, WA, and OR. Her interests include: Social justice, multicultural issues, culture, cancer survivorship and rehabilitation, end of life counseling, service, and lifelong learning.